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The Best Tournament of the Year
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Sunday, November 10th, 2019
20 minute blinds
Up to 12,000 in starting chips (6,000 plus 6,000 supplement)
Opportunities to re-buy for less
One opportunity for add-on
An over-the-top Champagne brunch from Isle Casino
Magnificent buffet dinner from Isle Casino
We greatly appreciate your kind involvement for making this a one-of-a-kind Charity Event
Tournament Chip Structure
Receiving chips on Tournament Day - Supplement (Prebuy), Rebuy, and Add on
The Charity has already paid the Dealer Appreciation, $10 for every player.
Before the tournament starts, every player may receive supplemental chips at the rate of $15/1,000 chips.
The maximum any player may supplement is 6,000 chips, a suggested donation of $60.
1,000 chips - $15
2,000 chips - $30
3,000 chips - $45
6,000 chips - $60
After the tournament starts and during the first 6 levels, each player may re-buy, but only if he is down to 4,000 or less in chips. The suggested donation amount of re-buys is $80 for 12,000 chips.
At the conclusion of the first 6 levels, each player may add on. The suggested donation amount of the add on is $40 for 10,000 in chips. There is only one opportunity for add on.
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